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Elion Technologies & Consulting Pvt Limited
Elion Energy Audit & Conservation

Elion Energy Audit & Conservation

Fuel and electricity are major expense items of any business today. Ever increasing fuel prices and stricter regulations pertaining to commercial energy consumption has made it imperative for modern business to ensure optimum utilization of energy resources and convert to cheaper and sustainable energy resources. Efficient energy consumption is crucial for the economic success of companies.

At Elion, we help our customers in increasing the energy efficiency and aligning the current consumption as per the set benchmarks.

Elion is an Energy Consulting Company offering comprehensive, customized energy saving solutions to our customers. We provide end to end solutions to our clients for meeting their energy requirements.We carry out walk through and detailed energy audit.

Our team consists of certified Energy Auditors from BEE Bureau of Energy Efficiency, an agency of the Government of India having over 25 years  of expertise in carrying out energy audit across all kind of  buildings, hospital, hotel,residential building, small, medium and large scale industrial plant and more.Team is equipped with all instrument like Power Analyzer,Flue Gas Analyzer,Ultra Sonic Flow Meter,Lux Meter,Tacho Meter Etc.

Our energy audit will analyse and provide a full report on your current electricity and thermal consumption and annual energy spend.It would include specific energy savings  proposal along with the associated payback period.We carry out complete study of electrical and thermal system of your faculty.

Services offered by us include:

- Walk Through Energy Audit

- Comprehensive and Detailed Energy Audit 

- Implementation of Energy Efficiency Projects (Includes undertaking implementation and project monitoring)

Our customers have achieved substantial and tangible benefits in terms of cash flows and higher productivity. The crux of our advisory services lies in redesigning the production cycles to reduce energy consumption and achieve higher efficiency.

We have developed a comprehensive methodology for doing product appraisal and demonstrating the benefits of projects undertaken, directly in terms of cash flows and as revenues items on the balance sheet.

Our team during energy audit stress on no cost and low cost measure which can help our client to get immediate saving.

Energy Audit Procedure

Audit is aimed at increasing the energy efficiency and aligning the current consumption as per the set benchmarks

Step 1- A complete survey of the facility/ plant will be conducted by us, making details of the energy consumption done.Measuring and monitoring is done using complete instruments

Step 2 – Exhaustive energy audit is carried out on the facility by a certified energy auditor, who would evaluate the current consumption of energy in the plant against the set benchmarks.In depth analysis are done

Step 3 – Recommendations are made on basis of auditors findings.The report includes low cost/no cost measure and energy proposal which needs capital expenditure along with pay back perios

Step 4 – We would help you implement these findings and convert them into energy savings.

Areas Cover in Electrical Energy Audit

  • Electrical Distribution Network and Transformers
  • Motors, Belt ,Pump ,Fans & Drives
  • Illumination System
  • Compressed Air System
  • Cooling Tower
  • Refrigeration Systems, AHU, Chillers, HVAC,VAM
  • DG sets

Areas Cover in Thermal Energy Audit

  • Boilers
  • Steam Distribution
  • Insulation
  • Ventilation System
  • Hydraulic Systems
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Furnaces, Boilers, Ovens 
  • Steam Traps

For more information please write to us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call us at 011-28541888 or 09013890526